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Ms. Jopsy Elsa George, BA LLB 5th semester has published her paper on “Thinking Equal, Building Smart and Innovation for Change- she as an Entrepreneur” in international journal of LAW Management & Humanities international Article Writing Completion. Volume 2 Issue 3, 2019.

Writing articles deserve publication is difficult and time consuming. browsing the grind of writing a scholarly article at an undergraduate level may make students wonder if they're competent to try and do so, and whether the top result's worth all the diligence which overtime spent which could are otherwise used for scoring better. However, the method involves a preparatory stage which includes deciding a subject for writing a piece of writing, researching for the content, analysing the related provisions of law, precedents, other scholarly publications, both domestic and international, and an interaction with Faculty for direction and their suggestions. After this, presenting the context, content and one’s view point in words meaningfully, logically and effectively in one’s own words with originality in an appropriate manner may be a challenge. Getting this published during a reputed journal involving an independent scrutiny of quality by persons of repute wouldn't only require quality of presentation but also compliance with the format specified by the journal

The process of researching, writing, editing and publishing a piece of writing for the primary time will provide valuable insights about one’s ability and luxury in browsing various steps and identifying strong points and areas that require improvement. Publication helps the scholars in deeper understanding and perspective about the subject of publication, critical thinking, research and writing skills which are very useful for a career as lawyers or in legal education and research. It helps students to attach with Faculty Members and other researchers providing new opportunities for interaction, collaboration and future study. Publishing papers, in addition to achieving an all-round development, also will enhance the worth of the scholar during a competitive environment by boosting the resume thereby opening up career paths. KRISTU JAYANTI COLLEGE OF LAW, best law college in Bengaluru, encourages law undergraduates to publish research articles in reputed journals.

Ms Anusree Arun, 4th semester, BBA., LL.B on her paper being selected for 1st international journal of law and management & humanities international article writing completion.

Topic: Pornography and its aftermath on the society.

On the eve of Human Rights Day celebrations, Kristu Jayanti College of Law organizing 'Nyaya Samvada' by Hon'ble Justice Ms. Manjula Chellur, Former Chief Justice, High Courts of Bombay, Kolkata, and Kerala on the theme: Constitutional Values and Human Rights, on 8th December, 2023. | For the II, III, IV and V Year LLB programmes: Students are reminded to pay the academic fee for the academic year 2023-24 on or before without a late fee (5 Nov 2023), with a late fee of Rs.200/- (15 Nov 2023) and with a late fee of Rs. 500/- (23 Nov 2023) Payment Mode: Online Students can log in to ERP Solutions (TCS ion self-service portal) to proceed with payment of the fee ( Note: If the fee payment is not updated on ERP Solutions (TCSion) after remittance, students should report to Counter No. 4 (Office, Admin Block, Ground Floor) the following day of the transaction to verify the transaction status with valid fee transfer acknowledgments. | |

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